Project Time Tracking

Time tracking in the project management is the very challenging task to do. This article will guide you about the project time tracking. An organization has always multiple task going on at a time.

So in order to track the time for each task of the project, project time tracker template is used. Project time tracking Template is actually keeping the record of time, spend by the employee to fulfil the work load.

In project management, time tracking is basically the measure of productivity of each staff member as well as asses effectiveness of other factors during the project life cycle. Excel provide us variety of template to make our task smooth and flexible. Similarly this template also helps you in variety of ways.

  • Provides better insights of the future
  • By the help this you can make better decisions for company
  • It is Used by Contractors & lawyers
  • This also make your work smooth

Project Time Tracking

It provides you better insights of the future so that you can make better decisions for the future of your company. Project time tracking template is used by the lawyers, Contractors and freelancers etc. There are following benefits of this template

Benefits of Project Time Tracking Template

  • This template allows you to measure the progress in real time
  • Mention the requirement for the accurate estimation in the future project
  • This template help the employee to use their productivity in the better ways
  • It motivates the employee to complete their task within the given limit of time
  • This allows you to focus on reasons why any task has delayed
  • It also informs you about the abilities of your employee that which employee is best for which task. So assign them that task more often.
  • It makes it easy to track payments, if you have hire your workers on hourly bases. It will you in tracking the time of their working hours.

Project time tracking template ensure the success of your project. It makes the customer satisfy and build better reputation of your company in the market. This template is very user friendly and can be download from the internet.

Simple Ways of Project Time Tracking

There are some simple ways to track the time in the project management. It allows you do this task in the effective way and help your company in building their trust with their customers. This eventually ensures the health of your company

  • Selection of Right Tool

You should have an accurate project time tracking template and qualified persons to handle that template. This will help you analyze the productivity of your employee and their working hours as well.

  • Make Your Team Aware

In order to get your employee use to of this template they need to be educated about the benefits of using time tracking template in their project. Ask your team to give their feedback about how much helpful this template is in making them more productive.

  • Reminder of Usage

Remind your team to get help from the project time tracking template

  • Analyzing The Data In Time Tracker

Now this is the time to analyze the data you put in the tracker. Is it helpful to make your task easier and manageable? Check out for the estimated project velocity and length. And compare them with the output you have achieved. Determine the plan workload and resource allocation.

How to Use a Time Tracking Template

Excel provide you a time log worksheet, where you put your data about the project, task, timeline, the start and end time.

Project and Task ID

Put the project ID and the task ID in the columns given in the tracker. Task ID list is according to the project ID list. So the items in the drop down list will change according to your project ID.

Mention the Hours Worked

Mention the number of hours worked in the current day, week or month. You can customize the template according to your project start and end date.

Invoice Tracking

Put the invoice numbers in the template as well this should be done for the purpose of record keeping.

Adding More Rows

You can add more rows in the template by using the advanced table features provided by the excel.

Download: Project Document Tracker Template


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