Supply Chain Template

This article help you study the supply chain management template excel and the ways to manage them. If we talk about the supply chain template, it is actually the group of suppliers that are need to produce a specific product for a company.

The chain consist of different nodes or links, which can join multiple manufacturers then the product in completed. After completion it is stored in warehouse from where it is transported to distribution centers from where the consumers can purchase them

Supply chain includes all the information about the inventory, production, sales and purchase of the product. It is a wide system handling of which is a very challenging task and can be done effectively by using the supply chain management template excel. It also defines the profit and loss summary of your product.

Supply Chain Template

  • By the help of this template, the goal can be effectively done
  • Supply chain defines the profit
  • It also defines the loss

Supply chain management has a lot of advantages in the field of project management. If the supply chain is manage effectively it can lead your company toward success.

How to Create a Supply Chain Template in Excel?

Its user friendly template and can be customize easily. You can create your inventory or supply chain template if you have any information about the time and demand of supply. Open a new document and put the number of column as required according to your inventory.

The main purpose of supply chain management template excel is to track the record of all sort of information about each product from the supplier. Therefore, this type of template will help you a lot in managing your inventory

Some of the advantages are given below

High Efficacy

When your business is able to handle the supply chains, maintain the logistics and produces innovation strategies, it will increase the demand of your product consequently the efficacy increases

Decrease in Cost Effectiveness

It is helpful in running your inventory in an appropriate way, make adjustments in the storage place, and make improved relationship with the distributers.

Increase in the Output

It improves the communication system thus is helpful in making better contact with the vendors and other companies.

Way to Success

When you handle your supply system on advanced technologies it will be more profitable for you. It will give you good and more profit.

Fast and Better Processing

Due to the better communication with the vendors and suppliers you can make the processing fast and smooth without any delay.

Expansion in Supply Chain Network

With the better management of supply chain with the supply chain management template there are greater chances of expansion in the supply chain network.

Key Feature of Supply Chain Management Template Excel

Supply chain template has a lot of important key feature that helps to manage the supply chain in variety of ways, some are below and discuss in detail

Supply Chain Template

Inventory Management

This template is helpful in managing and tracking the inventory in the best way possible. It make sure the availability of the raw material, goods that are in stock.

Download Free: Inventory Management

Order Management

For handling the purchase order processes including the generation of orders, schedules for the suppliers and adjust the pricing system as well.

Logistic and Shipping Status

Helps to communicate with the channels, improves the performance of deliveries as well as improves the customer satisfaction that is the key point for the success of your company.


An effective forecasting is necessary to avoid the purchase of unnecessary raw materials. Keep large number of finished goods in the stock thus helpful in decreasing the cost.

Return Management

It has also very important role, in return management it keeps the track of faulty goods and improves the process of refunding and reclaiming.

Warehouses and Stock Management

Due to the economic fluctuations there is a decrease and increase that effects the operations of the company. There should be optimal amount of stock in the warehouse. In order to manage the raw stock download the template.

Warehouse is actually a place in your company that make sure the availability of fished product as well as the raw material whenever required. Stock take is done in companies on quarterly bases and annual bases. And these stack takes are done to check the total inventory in the warehouse. It keeps track of following

  • Stock in hand
  • Need of Stock
  • Purchasing Stock
  • Goods sold out
  • profit and loss

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External References: Supply Chain

If we have unnecessary stock in the warehouse it will lead to increase in expense. If you have lack of products it will lead to hindrance in the production that will eventually not satisfy the customer. Your business will face a serious down fall.

Clients can custom the design of supply chain management template excel according to their requirements, if you want to customize the template, then contact us.

For any question feel free to contact us, we will get back to you.


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